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                                "HOW CAN WE KEEP THE ANOINTING?"

It's what you do after revival that really counts with God ... The "anointing"

is the only real reason why a Christian man or woman would change for the

better and sooner or later all revivals end.

                  How to keep the anointing doesn't need a book ...

                            Just a small sincere prayer of faith.

                        ôLord, how do we keep the anointing?

Now that the Lord has opened my eyes to the Florida revival I have to wonder about the other revivals I attended. 

Brownsville/Pensacola Florida in November 1996, Rodney Howard Browne 2002.

 Yes, I even attended a Todd Bentley meeting in 2002 in which he was all covered up showing no tatoo's, but the church was full of others wanting the touch of God.

Perhaps they were just manipulations of man led by the Evil One too. 

Revival has to include the Word of God, not just feel good ...Sin can make you feel good.

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  It's all about Jesus ... Let us not forget that God chose us before we chose Him                       

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