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"Cool, Cool Water" by the Sons of the Pioneers





This is the new home for Revival Hotline.com

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Have any good Revival quotes? Here's my favorites:

"Revival is God blessing His children"

"I don't know why God let me in on the secret of anointing, but I'm sure glad he did" 

"When, where and how is up to God, but if there is one thing we can do about revival, it's pray"  

Revival is like this: "God has always been there for you, but when your in revival He turns the juice on"

"Revival is like falling in love with Jesus all over again"


Do you struggle within the body of Christ?

Do you need Revival?

Do your family and friends need Revival?

God is love

Love heals

Pray for Revival

Revival changes lives forever

When God forgives you it's like you never did anything wrong

He wipes the slate clean so you can start all over again









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